Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own Props?

YES! You can bring in any prop you want to use as long as it complies with our Rental Agreement Rules. Use of fire, water or other liquids, or anything that can potential cause damage to the studio will require special permission. Please call us to disucss.

Can I bring my own Lights?

YES! You can bring in any equipment you want as long as it complies with our Rental Agreement Rules. But before you lug all of that stuff in, check out what we have available, or give us a call. We have lots of equipment available at no extra charge that will save you front transporting your equipment.

If you do bring your own lights, you are still welcome to use our Grip Equipment, Light Stands and Rail System to support your lights. Be sure to chose the "BASIC PACKAGE" if you will not need our studio lights.

Can I come in Early to Setup?

No. Your Rental Starts at the scheduled time. You should be sure to include any needed setup, breakdown and clean-up time in the rental length. It is our recommendation to allow yourself a minimum of 15 minutes from the start of your rental before you have any clients arrive.

Do you have a Stereo of Bluetooth Speaker?

YES! We have an Amazon Echo available in the studio. You can simply say "Alexa Pair" and pair the device with your phone/tablet/etc.

I love the Studio but don't have experience with Studio Lighting, what can I do?

Don't worry! You do not need to know how to use studio lighting to have a great shoot at Central Studio! We built the studio with you in mind! We have many options to help you have a great studio experience. We offer everything from Crash Course Lessons, Pre-Set Lights and even on shoot technical assistance. Give us a call to discuss what works best for you! 

What if I need more time than I booked?

When you Check In we will let you know if there is any bookings following you and the amount of available overflow time. All rentals are spaced a half hour apart to allow time for slight run-overs and for the staff to clean and sanitize the studio. If time is available, you can extend your rental at additional cost per hour.

What do I need for CHECK IN?

The Check In process takes 5-10 minutes, you should include this in your plan. When you arrive at your Scheduled start time you will need to present a valid photo ID to the staff, a valid credit card for incidentals, be prepared to make final payment and complete/sign your rental agreement if you did not do so already. After the paperwork is complete the staff will give you a short tour of what you need to know about the studio, etiquette, expected clean up and where to find what you need. We recommend and request that you plan accordingly with any clients schedule to arrive later so that this process can be conducted without distraction.

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