Here you will find a complete listing of all everything we have available for you to help create your project and make it perfect! We are very proud of our huge arsenal of Furniture and Props as well as the routine maintenance, cleaning and upkeep of these items to keep them in great condition for you.

Be sure to check back on this page frequently! As we pride ourself on constantly growing this stash and each and every month adding new unique and necessity items to the list to help ensure you have the perfect production! 

Furniture & Props

Gold Antique Elegant Chair

This gold chair is definitely one of our customers' favorites! Beautify craftsmanship, versatile for use in an array of styles & themes.

Blue Loveseat

Another popular prop, this loveseat has a vivid gorgeous blue color which captures well with its elegant details.

Fuschia Wingback Chair

An elegant style with a rebellious color. Great contrast and versatility to utilize in a variety of styles and scenes.

Black Leather Loveseat

This piece lives in the Lounge area and doubles as a prop. Big, beautiful and fluffy, the highlights and shine capture beautifully.

Red Elegant Chair

Simple and Classic. Bold and vivid red with sharp gloss black structure. Definitely create a powerful look.

Burgundy Stool

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Fuschia Chair

The little sister of our Wingback chair. Pair them together for a King & Queen set.

Burgundy Stool

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Rocking Chair

Classic and traditional. Pairs well in a scene with our fireplace, or with our rustic/rural props.

Directors Chair

Classic production set style chair, this prop lives in the hair/makeup area and doubles as an available prop.

Silver Hair/Makeup Chair

Very contemporary, great for high key. Adjustable height, this prop lives in the hair/makeup area and doubles as an available prop.

Plum Chaise Lounge

Deep rich purple color, beautiful texture and details across the surface. Subtle for low key use.

Black Bench/Ottoman

Simple, Elegant with a great sheen. Another very versatile piece from classy to boudior and everything in between.

White Box

A popular studio piece, plain and simple, but super versatile. Structurally sound enough to support weight and multiple subjects.

Floral Loveseat

Traditional cream with floral print. This loveseat pairs great with our elegant wainscoting wall.

Cream Chaise Lounge

Another versatile piece that pairs well both in our elegant background scenes and on the cycloramic wall. Material produces a nice matte sheen.

Silver Contemporary Stool

One of the more unique stool/chair options in the studio, this piece is great for fashion and portrait work, and really shines in high key.


This piece is very large, over 4' tall, but don't let that dissuade you from use, it is set on wheels to make is use and repositiioning effortless. Plug it in to create realistic moving flames.

Wicker Divider

A great piece to help create barriers or define a room/space. Also popular as a portrait background with its elaborate texture.

Black Leather Couch

This piece lives in the Lounge area and doubles as a prop. The studios current largest piece, great for accommodating groups or families.

Gray 6 Panel Asian Style Divider

Another great piece to create defined space or a room feel, as well as a great backdrop for headshots, portraits and more! With 6 panels, reposition to create dimension.

Rustic/Rural Props

Feel free to utilize individual pieces or the whole cart, as this group of pieces is stored and staged together on a wood pallet fitting the theme, but on wheels for easy repositioning.

Gold Floral Divider

A great eloquent piece to create defined space or a room feel, as well as a great backdrop for headshots, portraits and more!

Contemporary Chair

Matches well with a variety of colors.

Full Size Bed

Our bed is not kept out, so if you will need it, please request it with your rental request. Feel free to bring your own sheets/bedding to customize the scene.

Red Loveseat

Rich, Classy and Elegant

Linen Chair

Earth tone, warm, simple and versitile.

Royal Throne

This 6' Tall White and Gold Royal Throne is the pride and joy of our prop arsenal! Ask about additional rental fees for this prop.

Royal Stool

Gold & Teal, with a shimmering metallic sheen, accent studs give this small prop a glorious presence.

Contemporary Chair

Fun shapes and design for so many looks!

Wood Chair

Enhance your photography projects with the rustic charm of this wooden chair prop, a versatile and timeless element that adds character and warmth to any setting.

Antique Trunk

Elevate your photography with the vintage allure of this antique trunk prop, a statement piece that adds a touch of nostalgia and character to any scene.

Captains Ship Wheel

Set sail for captivating photo shoots with our pirate ship wheel prop—a distinctive and adventurous centerpiece that adds swashbuckling flair to any nautical or themed photography setting.

High-Heel Chair

Elevate your photoshoots with the sleek and stylish Stiletto chair prop—a modern statement piece that brings a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair to any setting.

Rolling Stool

Enhance your photography setups with the practical versatility of our rolling stool prop—a compact and mobile accessory designed to provide convenience and flexibility for various shoots.

Modern Stool

Add an industrial edge to your photo shoots with our metal stool prop—a sleek and minimalist accent that effortlessly combines functionality and modern aesthetics

Vintage Retro Table

Transform your photo setups with the nostalgic charm of our retro coffee table prop—a timeless centerpiece that adds a touch of vintage flair to any scene.

Purple Velvet Chair

Infuse luxury and elegance into your photo shoots with our purple velvet chair prop—a regal and opulent accent that adds a rich pop of color and sophistication to any setting.

Red Carpet Set

Roll out the glamour with our red carpet prop set—an iconic accessory that instantly elevates any photo shoot, adding a touch of prestige and star-studded allure

Number Blocks

Bring a playful and customizable element to your photo compositions with our number blocks prop—a versatile accessory perfect for milestone celebrations, birthdays, or any occasion

Marble Side Table

Elevate your photo aesthetics with our marble side table prop—a chic and sophisticated accent that adds a touch of luxury and timeless elegance to any setting.

Metal Ladder

Add an industrial and versatile touch to your photo setups with our metal ladder prop—a functional and stylish accessory that brings a dynamic element to compositions.

Grey Suede Chair

Infuse sophistication into your photoshoots with our grey suede chair prop—a luxurious and contemporary accent that adds texture and style to any scene.

Marble Pedestals

Elevate your photography with our set of marble pedestals—a versatile and timeless prop that adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your compositions.

Prop Motorcycle

Rev up your creativity with our prop motorcycle—an eye-catching and dynamic accessory that adds an exhilarating edge to your photoshoots.

Woven Stool

Introduce a touch of comfort and style to your photo setups with our fabric stool prop—a versatile and cozy accent that complements various settings.

Wicker Baskets

Enhance your photography compositions with the rustic charm of our wicker baskets—a versatile prop that adds natural texture and warmth to any scene.

Sleek Black Stool

Add a touch of modern elegance to your photography setups with our sleek black stool prop—a minimalist accent that exudes sophistication and versatility.

Wood Stump

Bring the outdoors in with our wood stump prop—a rustic and natural accent that adds a touch of earthy charm to your photography compositions.

Padded Foot Stool

Inject a bold and luxurious flair into your photo setups with our red velvet stool prop—a statement piece that adds richness and sophistication to any scene.

School Desk

Capture the nostalgic charm of academic settings with our school desk prop—a vintage-inspired accent that adds character and authenticity to your photography compositions.

Dark Wood Head Board

Pair with our inflatable mattress and your own sheets/blankets to create a luxury bed for any scene or project. Boudoir photography, music videos, or anything that requires a bed.

Dark Wood Room Divider

A more classy member of our room divider fleet, can be used as a background or to help create a bedroom, living room or other elegent room scene.